Damaging Workplace Behaviors To Avoid

Many people want to get ahead once they start on a job. Career success is one of the main goals they think of. The only way to reach that is by careful planning and decision making. And of course, these goals can be hindered by developing certain damaging workplace behaviors. Here are some of them.

Not Setting Work Boundaries

Some employees feel working in a certain office can feel quite a bit comfortable in their chosen setting. In an effort to please, you think it may be ok to take that extra mile. You spend an extra hour at work to finish it. You try to address work issues and emails even while at home. You fail to set boundaries for yourself on when you need to stop and start working.

This behavior, while may present you as a diligent employee, will actually be damaging on your part. First off, you may be prone to abuse in terms of giving you more work or more responsibilities for next to nothing. You will end up overworked, uncompensated, and eventually, frustrated. Start setting personal boundaries at work to avoid getting into this predicament later on.

Excessive Apologizing

While apologizing in itself may not be bad, too much of it can. If you are the type to apologize in order to avoid conflict at work, then you are in for a lot of trouble. Over-apologizing tend to make you value other people’s opinion more than your own. You always try to look to avoid confrontations, especially when solving problems at work. Eventually, this behavior can have a drastic effect on your confidence and self-esteem. And when you magnify your insecurities, you risk damaging your career.

Engaging In Office Gossip

Working in a friendly workplace, people tend to come together and talk often. While engaging in office conversations is considered normal, gossiping is not. Engaging in office gossip can be toxic and harmful. It can have an effect on the trust levels between colleagues at work. Try to avoid getting involved in the workplace drama to avoid the risk of being a part of it.


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