Overcoming Boredom

Don’t we just enjoy ourselves whenever we have downtime at work? Most of us only dream about having such a time but when we actually do have a little free time at work, we’re only stumped as to what we can do when we’re not rushing to meet deadlines or coercing clients.

There are, however, some things that you can do to be productive whenever there is a downtime at work. You can always make use of it to further your skill set or maybe catch up with some relaxation that you’ve been putting off for quite some time now.

Learn new things

Once you have some free time at work, it would be a very great idea if you could learn a few tricks that you’ve thought about learning for quite some time now. If you’re eager to make your business proposals more properly composed, then it’s about time you read up on some business letter writing etiquette.

If you’re a graphic designer who’s always wondered about how it is another software works, then you could probably get into tinkering with it during your spare time. The important thing is to be able to stretch yourself and your skills. It’s very important that you always keep an eye out for opportunities to learn even though you’re working and at the office. These downtimes can provide a wonderful time for that.

Volunteer for more work

This might seem crazy at first but if you do volunteer for more work you’ll be able to send out a message to your boss that you are someone who has initiative. It is very important for superiors to see this type of trait from their subordinates because every boss wants a self-motivated person.

Don’t wait for projects to come to you when you happen to have some spare time. Simply ask for your boss what else you can do for them so that they’ll be able to get more work done in less time. Being productive like this has its benefits as it will highlight your person as an individual who strives to go beyond what is required of him. This is one of the things that you should be able to tell your boss in a non-verbal way.

By volunteering, you get yourself off the lazy rut that you’re in and you make use of whatever resources it is that you have to push your career even further up the ladder.


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