How to Use Creativity

Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual.”Arthur Koestler

Creativity is a unique gift. Yet it is not an exceptional talent that only some people are born with. Creativity is an inherent skill in humans. Everyone is actually born with it. The only reason why some people are perceived to be creative and some not so is on how this special skill is nurtured and developed all throughout their lives.

Creativity is the ability of combining concepts or ideas to come up with a new purpose. Another definition of creativity is the skill of being able to see what is previously not there. People may have different perceptions on what creativity is. But what everybody might not be aware of is that creativity is part of human nature.

It is that same ability that separates man from the beast. Creative thinking is what brought man into its present condition. Creative thinking brought about centuries worth of innovations that put man on top of every other species in this planet. But why is it that creativity nowadays is seen as a special when in fact all humans are born with it?

Sad to say, the way we are brought up is partly to blame for the slow death of the creative mind. Humans are born creative. This is evident when you look at kids at play. Give a child a spoon and he will find different uses for it. Any object in the hands of a child does not simply end up being used according to its accepted purpose. It becomes everything that a child’s mind can make of it. But then, in growing up, children are being taught to abide by certain rules.

As the kids grow up, they are taught that some objects serve a definite purpose. They are taught that spoons are used as an implement to facilitate feeding. Any other use for it is perceived to be wrong. Kids also begin to learn that there are ways of doing and not doing things. The rules set the limits on what they can do. The rules set barriers on what is acceptable and what is not. Although these rules have built a more civilized society, they have an unfortunate consequence. They can suppress creativity.

The way we are brought up can determine how we ultimately develop our creative thinking. In a highly organized society, creativity can easily be suppressed. The accepted set of rules that govern society can hold back on innovation. People learn to depend on the rules that they are taught until it becomes their sole guide of how to live their life. This dependence on the rules provides little room to develop creativity and innovation.

As we become adults, we begin to lose a lot of our creativity. We begin to lose sight of that special skill that we were born with. It is a good thing that even under these creativity-suppressing conditions, we do not become totally devoid of this skill. Creativity can come in sudden flashes that we may not be aware of at times. We begin to see them as flashes of brilliance when we are faced with problems and challenges that may require an immediate solution.

A sudden spurt of creativity may come when some of the rules that we depend on cannot provide a solution to a certain challenge. It is a good thing that creativity is in our nature. It just becomes one of those skills that we set aside in the deep recesses of our minds. But creativity has its way of getting itself noticed at different stages in our lives and that, in itself, is a very good thing.

Creativity is a skill that we can still develop at any point in our lives. Even as we grow old, it is still possible to improve the creative mind. There are ways that we can break out from the obstacles that have suppressed our creative minds for so long. It may take a conscious effort to develop individual creativity after years of being taught to follow rules as accepted fact in life. Some people may find it difficult to change such lifelong habits. But the beauty of it all is in the challenge to bring back what we thought we lost a long time ago.


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