How to Improve Work Productivity Overnight

two businesswomenYou know you’ve always been a good employee. You come to work early, finish your job on time with very good results, and give a hand to those who need help. But you feel you’ve been unproductive at work lately. Your colleagues and your boss have noticed it, which is definitely not a good thing. Scroll down for some simple tips to improve your productivity at work overnight.

Get more rest

The workplace environment can cause stress, especially when you’re working extremely hard. Stress could slow you down because of "brain drain." If you’re stressed out, you’re also likely to feel irritated and lose your concentration. If you lack sleep, then that could be one of the culprits that causes your sluggish behavior. Get more rest and try to have an 8-hour sleep. Power napping at work is also recommended.

Less talk, more work

Socializing at work is alright, and in fact, encouraged as it promotes healthy relationship in the workplace. It’s a buzz kill, but mingling every now and then could affect your productivity. And besides, your employer isn’t paying you to engage in small talk or gossip. So minimize the socializing and then see if your productivity improves.

Organize your work station

If you work from a desk stacked with files, papers, sticky notes, and whatnots, then get it organized. The mess on your work desk could be causing environmental depression and your being unproductive. In general, organized employees are happier and more productive compared to those who need some lesson in organizing stuff.

Minimize Web surfing

Do you read the news headlines, post comments on celebrity gossip sites, or update your blog before you start your work? Then you might want to refrain from surfing the Web since it’s one of the time wasters at work (along with phone calls and visitors dropping into your office). A recent study also revealed that surfing the Web about fantasy football alone costs businesses about $275 million – $435 million every week.

Start taking notes

Write stuff down to remind you of your tasks and to avoid getting too sidetracked from high-priority tasks. Whether it’s a post-it note on your PC monitor or a high-tech business calendar, you need a great deal of help in the memory department to be productive.

Be positive and energetic at the start the week

Many employees drag themselves to work on Mondays and find themselves performing less until Tuesdays. They often use the remaining three working days to catch up. So start the week off right. Be positive and energetic to set the mood for the rest of the week.


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