Effective Work Habits

How does one get more out of his or her day in the workplace? Does it mean you have to work longer hours and simply neglect your friends and family? The key to being more productive in any job is to be able to work smarter and to incorporate effective workplace habits everyday. One should not subscribe to the idea that longer days will mean much more productive ones.

Becoming productive at work entails so much more than leaving the office late and coming to work early. Read on to find out what we mean by that.

Disciplining the environment

A survey from a New York research firm has found out that the normal full-time knowledge employee can waste up to two full hours each day because of various distractions from the office. The most common distractions are visits from co-workers and unscheduled calls.  The survey had more than 1,000 respondents and most of them experienced distractions such as these.

One effective way to deter those types of distractions is to put a sign on your desk that people will see that you’re busy. Once they see that sign, it will be a red flag for them that you absolutely cannot be disturbed unless it’s an urgent matter. Your co-workers will eventually find themselves working around it.

Another thing which could work is you could simply notify your co-workers of a particular time when they can pop-in at your desk or cubicle for any questions or concerns. For the calls, it is best to have your calls scheduled in order to do away with several distractions while working on some projects or important assignments.

Another proactive way that one can go about it is by simply telling all of your contacts that they can only call you during very specific times of the day. This will essentially eliminate unwanted distractions in your day.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the time when people will check email. It would be best if you had a certain time of the day when you would check all of your email or phone message at once. This is a very good habit to start since it should be you who should be controlling your phone and email instead of it controlling you.

Leaving out the unnecessary

It is very essential that as a professional, you remove any unessential work which will simply distract you from accomplishing your day’s goals. A good idea is to simply consult your manager to inquire about what is hindering you from being effective at work.

This strategy is hitting two birds with one stone as it allows you to identify all of the things that you can eliminate in order for you to become more productive and it is also a good springboard for negotiating something with your manager whether it is about leaving work early or taking out tedious tasks.

The most important thing is that both of you come to a conclusion about what will make you more effective and efficient in the long run.


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