Developing Creative Thinking Skills

Creativity is the ability to make out something which may have not existed before. The result may be either an idea, a product or a process. Creative thinking is simply the process which people use when coming up with a new idea. It can also be the merging of ideas which have not been previously thought of before.

Creative thinking is seen as a skill or a talent by most. Most people may not know it, but creativity is something that is inherent in every human being. The only difference is that creative thinking may occur in different levels of development in each individual, which may depend on the environment and the influence that each person has experienced while growing up. Creativity needs to be nurtured and developed in order to master.

Creativity can be demonstrated in a number of ways. When one has invented something that has never existed before, he is showing creativity. Creative thinking may not solely result in new inventions. It can also be demonstrated through finding a new process of doing things. Creativity can also result in finding another use or a reapplication of an existing product or idea. Creativity may also be shown when one is able to change the way someone looks at something.

We may not be aware of it, but we always undergo different levels of creative thinking everyday. When one is thinking of how to rearrange a room to maximize space, he is already thinking creatively. When one is thinking of different ways on how to tie a shoelace, creativity is already seen to be at work. Creativity and creative thinking can come in different forms and facets in our everyday lives. But what makes highly creative people known for their creative powers is their ability to maintain thinking creatively whenever a certain situation requires it. Not all people may have the ability to do that.

The creative thinking process can either be accidental or deliberate. A person might be experiencing a spark of creativity when he suddenly comes up with an idea in his sleep, by reading a book or simply out of nowhere. In this case, one might be experiencing an accidental form of creative thinking. It might be accidental if one is not using any special techniques and yet creative thinking does still occur. But such occurrences can be experienced by anyone but may not be dependable in cases where creativity at work may be needed at one point. Deliberate creative thinking may be needed for such needs.

Deliberate creative thinking is the process of coming up with ideas making use of special techniques that help encourage creativity. Deliberate creative thinking is useful when it is being used to develop new ideas. The aim is to force the integration of a wide range of ideas and develop new thoughts and processes from it. Brainstorming is one such technique which usually starts with unoriginal ideas. What makes such techniques valuable is that they help train one to be more creative in a systematic way.

What everyone must bear in mind is that creativity can be develop no matter what age you are. It can be nurtured and developed as one grows up or it can be learned even late in life. The creative mind is an amazing thing to have. It is a very encouraging fact that we can develop such an ability when we have the heart and the desire to do so.


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