Assessing Jobs Skills

You have graduated from college and you face the task of finding your first job. You have tried submitting resume after resume to different companies that directly deals with your academic expertise, but no one bothered to call you back. Maybe, you need to broaden your perspective further. A marketing grad does not have to concentrate on marketing-related jobs alone, for instance. In fact, a lot of successful employees graduated from a major that was different from what they are excelling.

But remember, you need to take a job that would still require your academic knowledge and skill, and here are ways to assess it.

Determine your interests and skills – List down your passions, interests, and skills even if they are do not have to do with your degree. It does not matter whether those are "mere hobbies", but if you love doing them, wouldn’t it be great if you do a job that you love?

Write down your goals – Meanwhile, list down your short-term and long-term goals.

Do some research – Figure out what job description match your skills and passions. For instance, a graduate of Psychology who loves to cook may do well in food-and-restaurant related work. Don’t forget to look into jobs in the non-profit sector. You can also look for jobs that may steer away from your degree, but requires skills that you have learned in the academe. A liberal arts major can find work in a variety of professions from marketing, journalism, even law enforcement. However, some jobs may require advanced training.

Reconcile your list – Combine your self-assessment and research with the job market. It may not be a perfect match from your major, but with some crafty creativity you should be able to find a job that would put you on the right track or help you gain the skills you will need to achieve your long-term goal.

Market yourself – Tailor your cover letter and resume to the prospective company’s mission. Think about how the skills you have learned in the classroom apply to your chosen occupation. For example, creating an excellently-marked academic research paper translates the ability to write and report a story, which would be great for Journalism. You also need to use the language that is appropriate to the field in which the company works.


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