Avoiding Job Interview Mistakes

shutterstock_18960Getting a job interview is an important opportunity for employment seekers to land a job. They need to do it right. They need to convince employers that they are not only good enough for the job; they are the perfect fit for it. Considering that there will be other people trying to land the same position, making mistakes can be disastrous. Here are some of the job interview mistakes that you should be aware of and avoid.

Lack of Research

When you go to a job interview, you should always come prepared. One important aspect of the preparation is by knowing more about the company. Some job applicants make the mistake of going to a job interview without knowing more about the company they wish to work for. So when a question related to the company business comes up, they fail to give a good answer. Sometimes, this ignorance can come off as disinterest in the eyes of employers. If you wish to ace that job interview, make sure that you do your research about the company as part of your preparation.

Having A Negative Mindset

Some people can bring a negative attitude into a job interview. Questions regarding a previous company and employer are met with negative answers that put the subject in a bad light. The applicant may have a bad experience with a previous employer in the past. But trying to highlight it during a job interview can bring a negative impression. Having a positive attitude going into a job interview can improve your chances of making a good impression with the employer.

Pretending To Be An All-Around Expert

There is a right way and a wrong way to impress an employer during a job interview. Pretending that you can do it all can be a mistake. If questions arise whether you can handle certain responsibilities and you answer, “Yes” to all of them, you may be in trouble. Some employers look for people who are good in specific areas, not someone who comes out as an expert in everything. Other than making such pretentions obvious, it can land you in a precarious situation once you do get the job. You will be exposed quickly. Be honest in your job interview instead. Be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses and base your answer to job interview questions from that.

Not Taking Social Media Seriously

Social media has become a way for many recruiters to research about potential hires. They can learn a lot about someone through their social media profile. Make it work for you. Try to create a social media profile that will show employers how you may be right for the job. Show a personal side that impresses them, not turn them away. Your posts on your social media can easily give you away if you are not careful. And also, it is important not to dismiss any questions regarding social media during job interviews. Be honest about it instead of trying to steer the conversation away from it.

No Questions

If a job applicant does not have any questions for the employer, it may send out the wrong signals. The employer may think that the applicant is not interested or does not know what he or she is getting into. It pays to prepare questions related to the job you apply for or concerning the company. It shows how much you prepared to get to know your potential employer or interested in what your situation will be in case you get hired.


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