Eye Catching Business Card Design

Your business card is your introduction to other colleagues and industry people when it comes to networking.  You can always go for the simplest of designs and colors, but if you want your business card to grab the attention of people instantly without going over the top, here are some suggestions.

Keep it simple

Your business card should only have the most basic of information, with plenty of space and legible text.  Overcrowd your card with unnecessary addresses and titles and it will not be read by prospective acquaintances.  The most important information you should include in your business card are your name, your company name, and your phone number.

Add a photo if needed

If your image is important in your industry such as in real estate, counseling, or law, add a photo of you in your business card.  This comes in very handy if you are doing business in other countries, where your gender may not be obvious from your first name.

Use color wisely

Avoid using blue, brown, and orange as your text color as they do not register on fax or copying machines well.  The same goes for cards that have dark-colored backgrounds and text, as well as those printed on very bright stock paper.

Print on both sides of the card

Additional information like office hours, a map to the store, or even a discount coupon can be printed at the back side of your business card.  When working in a foreign country, or working in a country with another business language like Chinese, printing a translated version of your business card at its back side can also attract attention.


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