Business Networking for Busy People

Business people tend to dismiss networking as a mere social activity and would focus their whole time managing their business, as well as answering the demands of their professional and personal lives.  However, you could still network to other people without being disrupted from your schedule.

Get to meet new people during work

Even if you do not go around networking events, your work can be enough to meet new people.  Whenever you encounter a new client or a new supplier, always regard this as a way to expand your business network aside from establishing strong business relationships.

It is best to expand your network of acquaintances and contacts, as ignoring this step could severely curtail your chances to advance and succeed.  An average person knows about 250 people, and if each of those people knows another 250 people, then you can access to as much as 62,500 people who are separated from you by only two degrees.

Greet new people

Introduce yourself to new contacts with an openness to learn more about that person, as well as the willingness to help and keeping to stay in touch.  This simple gesture can be applied to every form of networking, whether during business or social event, and whether the first meeting takes place in person or even online.

Visit vital networking events

Being a busy body that you are, you need to spend your time with as much quality as possible.  When it comes to attending social events, attend only those that are vital to your professional or business standing.  Meet new people who are within the industry and casually converse to them about the business world both of you are in.

Take more business cards

Remember the phrase, "it’s better to give than to receive"?  That saying does not apply to networking among business people, as it is better for your networking agenda if you take more business cards compared to how much you give out.  In that way, you are more in control of the tempo when it comes to developing business relationships.

Join an online networking community

The Internet has introduced a lot of possibilities to spread your self towards new contacts even while at home or office.  You can join online communities that focus on expanding your business relationships, such as  You could also join social networking sites like and, but you should be careful in what you should "expose" to the public.


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