Strategies For Getting Promoted

You’ve been faithfully toiling at your job for the past number of years and you are actually good at it. The pay isn’t that bad but you feel that it’s high time to move up that corporate ladder.

Getting promoted isn’t as simple as sitting back and letting your achievements speak for you. The corporate world unfortunately doesn’t work that way. If you have been passed over countless times here are some tips to finally get your well-deserved promotion.

From the fat into the fire

Do you even know what you are getting yourself into? Do you just want that promotion just for the heck of it? Before you even think about going for that promotion, research on the position and the skills needed for it. You may want that VP position but you could be woefully inadequate for it.

Getting a promotion means more responsibility and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get any added perks. If you feel that you are indeed qualified for the position and you are up to the challenges of added responsibilities then start your campaign.

Be the Best that you can be

If you want that promotion then you have to prove to others that you actually do deserve that title. Perform your job to the best of your abilities and then some.

If you make yourself invaluable to the smooth performance of your division then you increase your chances of your boss rewarding you with that promotion. And at the risk of being too much of a brown noser ask if you can do more tasks within the office. You’ll get your boss’ attention and additional experience with new challenges.

Be positive

A defeatist attitude will get you nowhere in this campaign. Try not to think of being passed over for a more accomplished colleague. If you think your job is a mere stepping to better opportunities then this attitude won’t get you a promotion.

On the other hand if you do think this way why would you even bother with a promotion. A promotion is for people who see their work as a position rather than just another job.

Friends are important

The power of friendship is truly an important resource for anyone. You may not want to admit it but your promotion rests on knowing the right people. Broaden your knowledge of the different departments and the people who are in charge of them.

Remember that getting the respect of your peers will help your boss see that you are a capable leader and much loved by those under you.

Fight fair

Getting a promotion often means that you have to fight for it. There is no way to avoid civilized warfare against people you worked with. You all want the same position but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to back stab your co-workers to come out on top. You can be aggressive in your campaign but try not to be Attila the Hun. You may not win points for being everybody’s best friend but you can at least be well-respected.

Review your past accomplishments

It’s not what your company has done for you but what you have done for the company that counts. When the time comes for your boss to deliberate on the person for the job, be sure that he or she knows the great deeds you have done.

Develop your personal career portfolio to present to your boss. Make sure you add letters of commendation, samples of exceptional work and other certificates of achievement. Of course you should actually have done these things. Lying about past accomplishments can have dire consequences.

Catch your boss in a good mood

Sometimes it’s not what you’ve done but when you did it that matters. It’s important to make sure that your boss is not stressed or too busy when you pitch yourself. You should try to catch him or her in a relaxed, social situation. Invite him or her for coffee and subtly pitch your willingness to accept a promotion.

Expand your knowledge

Keep ahead of the competition by learning important skills. Join any seminars or classes that can add to your skill level and knowledge about your job. There are numerous courses and books available in your library or the internet for self-study. Or if your company offers to pay for classes take advantage of it.

Express yourself

The promotion won’t fall in your lap like manna from heaven. You have to sell yourself, your skills, and your accomplishments to your boss. Often people are passed over because of the simple fact that their boss didn’t know they wanted the promotion. Come the job appraisal, be sure to say that you want a more challenging role in the company. State that your skills are underused in your current position. Highlight all your selling points and how you can do a smashing job with the position you are angling for.

Where there’s a will

Your boss may reject your promotion but this is no reason to feel dejected. There may not be a budget for the position or you haven’t been in the company that long. For whatever reason think of this failure as an opportunity to work harder. Your efforts were not in vain and your superiors will remember them.


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