On the Road to Job Promotion

corporate ladder

If you really want that higher position you’ve been eyeing since you joined the organization, you have to rise above the cut-throat competition. Step up in this dog-eat-dog world to get the promotion you deserve. By stepping up we mean exerting extra efforts to get positive attention. Here are 5 tips that will help you climb the corporate ladder.

Be enthusiastic

Show your enthusiasm. Tell your boss and your colleagues what you enjoy most about your job. Highlight the parts of your work you really do best and look forward to performing.

Share this excitement, even in informal conversations with friends and colleagues. This will definitely help you concentrate on the parts of your work you do well and want to improve. It will also help members of the organization notice that you do your job very well.

Ask for further training

If you want to be promoted, request for further training. Grab every opportunity to undergo training your employer provides. Even if the training doesn’t cover your job area, it may help you learn new skills and knowledge in other areas.

You must define what training will make you improve your job. If you need a training but isn’t available, explain to your employer how it will benefit the organization.

Assume more responsibility

You must be very willing to take on added responsibility. Let your boss know that you want to climb the career ladder. Volunteer to help out in many activities of the organization. This will make you more important and valuable to them.

Challenge yourself with difficult projects

You probably won’t get noticed unless you challenge yourself with difficult projects and exceed expectations. Consider asking for challenging projects that you believe you can do very well, and you think would help the organization. However, you must not promise too much.

Work under the radar when completing the project. If your boss and colleagues don’t expect too much, it’s very likely that the project will be seen as a success, even if the results fall below your own expectations.

Decide what you must learn

Reflect on what you must learn to edge out the competition and get the position you want. Consider taking evening classes or reading books and magazine articles related to your job.

Stay updated with the happenings in your field. It is also crucial that you acquire computer skills and learn new technologies.


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