Job Tips On Getting a Promotion

One of the things that you will probably learn when you start working is that you’ll always want to be promoted. Regardless of the task that you are assigned to as of the moment or what you’re experiencing, you need to understand that getting a promotion isn’t all as glamorous as it is. You need to work hard because you’ll be dealing with so many new and different issues such as people and management issues.

In a statistical survey of employees who were promoted, 20% of those who responded said that their number one challenge was being promoted. It also consisted of their number one source of stress. Here are some of the common sense advices that you need to remember after you’ve been promoted.

Set up your authority

Always keep the culture of the organization in mind whenever you’re making any important decisions. However, when you finally do make important decisions, you should always make it clear to the people around you that you are the one who is supposed to make the decisions and that you are accountable. Always take stock of everything and be sure that you listen carefully to your various team members.

Maintain your lines of communication

It’s very important that you, as a supervisor maintain the various lines of communication. This is because as you move further away from the front lines, you will be receiving much filtered information. That means that you literally won’t know what’s going on in the actual places that you’re in charge of.

The various heads in charge are responsible for reporting to you but you are also responsible for motivating them and holding them accountable to you. Always take the initiative to set the tone for honest and open discussion that will provide employees the avenue to voice out their concerns.

Getting a promotion will entail more responsibility from you and from the people under you. You need to know what is getting done and who is really in charge of specific tasks. You need to know where your men are, who they report to and what it is exactly that they do.

It’s important that all of them are on the same page as you or else you end up compromising your performance as a department and as a business unite and ultimately as an organization. Know what needs to be done by whom and put into action the necessary steps that you need to take. All it takes is a little practice.


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