Tips for Healthcare Workers: Preparing for a Layoff

Layoffs are a major concern for health care workers. Though the job market itself is as healthy as it is, layoffs remain a threat. That is why it is best that health care workers be prepared for such an event.

Their issue may be similar with other jobs out there, but they still have to come prepared. This can set off any problem that may arise concerning such matter. This article gives different tips for those who are part of the said workforce.

Be wary of the signs

Many hospitals that suffer financially are forced to let go some of their people. You have to check for this sign. One way to be able to foresee such an event is by studying the hospital’s competitors. If the competitive hospital has a greater number of patients than the one they are working in, that may be a sign.

Knowing where you belong

There are other health care jobs that are not prone to layoffs. Some example of them are nurses and clinicians working on direct-care. Compared to managers and development specialists, they are much safer when it comes to these said problems.

Being prepared

Waiting until you are jobless so that you can update your CV may not be a good idea at all. The best thing that you can do is to network with those who have the same specialty as yours. In addition to this, be active when it comes to checking your job postings so you may know if there is an available job for you.

Diversifying your expertise in another field is also something that you can do. This can come handy if you wish to stay within the same facility. With this, you can either be retained or be transferred, first in line, to another area within the facility.

Avoid being bitter

Do not take it too personally if you are a candidate for layoff. Layoffs happen all the time, especially when there is an economic crisis such as the current recession. The best thing that you can do is to talk about how you are feeling. Your loved ones can help you regarding this matter. They may even provide you with a helpful advice.

Make a comeback

It is definite that you are going to have another job. Yet the most important thing is to concentrate on finding the right job for you. You can also take a month off and plan what you want to do next. Make some research about some employees who have histories of successes in terms of finance and has experienced less layoffs.


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