Options to Consider After Being Laid Off

The country is facing a serious economic downturn and job cuts. The risk of being laid off is increasing for more and more people. Surviving through such ordeals would require being able to consider what options are available for people on the verge of being laid off. Here are some of them:

Government Jobs

With the economy suffering, the government does its part to relieve some of the stress among those were laid off by offering job vacancies. Work may be available for various areas of the government. Opportunities may vary depending on worker qualification. There would also be certain training programs that some laid off workers can get into in order to improve their skills and qualifications for certain jobs.

Non-Profit Organizations

There are certain non-profits that help the unemployed improve their chances of landing a job. The Goodwill organization for example, helps the marginalized class find job opportunities by offering training for jobs in IT, retail, banking and health care. The local Goodwill stores may also help provide temporary employment for those looking for jobs in retail.

For Older Workers

For older workers who were laid off, there are also organizations such as the AARP that can help. For workers over the age of 55 and meet the income requirements, the AARP may offer the Senior Community Service Employment Program as a means to help older workers find work.

The staff in the program can help laid off older workers assess job skills and interests and provide leads to available job vacancies. The program may also suggest training programs to help enhance and improve current skills or help update one’s job resume. The program offers these services for older workers for free.

Start a Business

Some laid off workers may have grown tired of being in the same situation again- finding work and still harbor worries of not being able to keep it. Starting out a business may be a good option for some laid off workers who are looking for something different for a change.

For some help, people with the entrepreneurial spirit can make an online visit to the Small Business Administration website where visitors can access online courses that would help provide valuable information on how to start a business and other related topics.


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