Faced Unemployment

Even thought the economy of the country continues to improve, you might still see a jobless person facing up to a year or more of unemployment. This is pretty much a lot of time especially if you take into consideration the different needs that a person has to fill during that free time.

The transition from being employed 24/7 to being more than available is quite difficult especially for those people who are hard-charged, high-performers who are simply not used to having any free time. There will be some job seekers who will spend several hundreds or thousands of hours watching daytime and night time television and there will be others who will seem to thrive on activities that improve their professional careers or maybe resolve family issues which have been put off ever since. What’s important is when someone is faced with unemployment, it should not be taken as something negative.

Being able to allot your time freely to something else is something that can actually be beneficial to someone in the prime of their life. There is an executive who had previously been interested in home and hearth so when the time of unemployment came, she became engrossed in homemaking during that time.

This is one of the times that volunteering will help oneself in connecting with the fact that there are a lot of people out there who have much worse situations than yours. During a time of unemployment one Ms. Perez was able to donate her time to a health-care concern, a housing program and a political campaign.

This particular time of joblessness was able to enlighten her about the different issues that she is surrounded with. More than that, she was able to meet several powerful and well-connected people during those times of volunteer assignments. Being able to volunteer her time to an organization, then work for that organization as a paid consultant and ultimately landing a full-time job in it is one of the greatest journeys that she has ever been on.

Even though she has a full-time job now, she still manages to donate her time and volunteer to different organizations which she deems fit. It is part of her life now simply because she was able to get so much out of it. There were so many benefits that she got out of it and being able to volunteer is where she is able to credit her current job to.

Because she was able to give more of herself to other people out there who needed her help, volunteering for such causes gave her a fulfillment that she never knew existed before. It was one of the best things to ever happen to her simply because she rediscovered herself and gained new insights on what other people might be going through. All in all, being a volunteer and caring for people besides herself made her into a better person and transformed her into the exceptional professional that she is now-one who is confident, socially aware and compassionate.


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