Hard Work Is The Shortcut To Success

Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. That may elicit a few nods here and there. But tell a man that anything worthwhile takes a lot of hard work and you’ll be sure that each and every person who’s already climbed past the rungs of the ladder of success will tell you that you will always encounter hardships whenever you decide to accomplish something grandiose.

You will sweat, stress out, burnout, fail miserably and for some of us, we might bleed trying to get to the place where we want to go; we will know the meaning of pain because it is exactly pain which will get us to where we want to be.

Make no mistake about it, nothing is easy about success. It requires everything that you’ve become as a person and as a professional. As a skilled craftsman, you are required to labor for hours only to perfect your work. And to the stringent society of the world, your work will always be the only thing that they will ever see or hear for that matter.

Those who have strived for peak performance did not get there by any chance encounter. They tattooed that scenario to their minds and simply made a decision to be successful, to continue at what they are doing no matter what the cost. Thomas Edison was someone who did not become discouraged at criticism. Bill Gates was a dropout but could not care any less about a degree. Michael Jordan got cut from his high school basketball varsity team.

After all of these misfortunes happened to each of these individuals, what did they do next? They rearranged history-made a mark unlike any other. Because of what they decided to do, the world is fortunate enough to look at the present and see glimpses of the past which these people helped shape.

One of the things that they excelled in is having a supreme amount of focus. It is defined as the concentration of attention or energy into something. For those people whom you consider successful, that is exactly what they did.

It is important to focus on the different victories that you have each day because it will eventually amount to big things in the future. It is like dropping a penny into a piggy bank each day. Eventually, the coins pile up and you’ll end up having treasure when all you did was focus on doing something everyday.

Focus. It is what separates those who succeed in what they do from those who don’t make it. Do you want that job promotion? Then ignore the co-worker who spread rumors about you and beat him to the deadline. Put in the long hours and learn to numb the pain.

Work smarter and better while smiling and whistling throughout and you just might get a shot. Newton’s third law states "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Just you wait. Those little things will eventually add up to something. And when you look at your harvest, you will say that it was worth it.


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