Signs That You Should Change Job

Finding the perfect job is as rare as finding a lost wallet in New York City. Most of us are stuck in jobs that we hate but are too scared of the changing economy to risk financial autonomy. However much you loathe the job you currently have it’s still hard to fling yourself at the mercy of fate and hope you can find a better job. To help you make that momentous decision here are the top ten signs that you absolutely have to change your job.

In ten years you picture yourself lounging in a beach somewhere. Remember the questions they used to repeatedly ask when you were getting interviewed for the job? Where do you picture yourself after 3 years? After 5 years? If all you can imagine is a picture of yourself far, far away from your current job then it’s time to reconsider your future with the company.

You make a list of all the pros and cons and the cons are thrice the pros of staying with the job. If you are considering quitting your job then make a chart listing all the pros and cons of staying with your company. Evaluate the salary, job position, location of your office and other factors. If you find that everything tips in the balance of leaving then reach for that job wanted listings.

The eight hour shift is made shorter by daydreaming. You spend most of your time at the office dreaming of the weekend or the end of shift. Your job simply is too simple to challenge you anymore. Or your job isn’t fulfilling your life goals. Not being motivated enough for your job is a portent that you need to look for a job that appeals to you. Of course knowing who you are and what your goals are is a much needed asset. If you can’t answer the question of what you want to do with your life then take some time to ponder on this before you apply for any job. Or else you’ll be stuck in a string of several jobs you have no love for and hating yourself for even taking it.

You join "We Hate the Job" appreciation society. The people you hang out with at the office share the same disgruntled feelings you have. You whine about company policy, the unfairness of the powers that be and the general lack of toilet paper in the bathrooms.

You have the distinct feeling that your assistant is making twice your salary. The salary isn’t commensurate to your worth. You do the work of several people and get paid with peanuts. What is even more galling is finding out that your subordinates are getting more than you do. If you’ve asked for a raise and have been turned down your company doesn’t value you enough for you to stay.

You look around and realize you don’t know anyone in the next cubicle. You may have started your job knowing exactly where you stand and what sort of company you are working for. But over the years the company has changed management, policies and goals and you find yourself the lone left-over. You may still like the pay but the work environment has changed. You could simply bend and adjust to the winds of change or allow yourself to be blown to a new environ.

A high point of your day is when your boss says "At least you didn’t screw up today". There is simply no positive reinforcement in your job. You work and work and no one even notices. Or your boss maybe a devil out of hell sent to personally torment you. You don’t have to suffer under abusive superiors. Money isn’t enough to brown nose your way to a promotion.

You realize that the only thing you’ve learned while in the company is how to operate the photocopying machine. If your skill set has rusted to the point where you are no longer competitive in the market you should consider moving to another job.

You wonder what bad karma you’ve accumulated to deserve the punishment of the job. If you think your job is a prison sentence with no hope for parole and you make yourself ill thinking of going back to the job the only possible recourse is to quit. Life is too short to be miserable every waking moment for a job that doesn’t fulfill you anymore.

You’re willing to change into a chicken suit just to escape the job. Any other job than the one you have now seems like a blessing. You are willing to mop floors, answer doors or dance in a luau. In fact you’ve already googled diving for treasure as a viable job alternative.


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