Identify Your Career Options

Most people remember entering and frolicking inside a toy store as a kid. You remember passing by aisles of toys you’ve never seen before and you’ve probably seen some of them only on television. But when you were there inside that store, you were face to face with them for the first time. You probably whizzed by aisle after aisle trying to just fill yourself up with the joy that comes with looking at so many options. If you had any option you could probably just stay in the store and spend the night there. That is the same thing that most professionals should be thinking when they look at all the other possibilities that they are served with.

Most of the people today have a one-track mind. From the moment that they started college, they knew that they wanted to be in a particular profession. It would probably be wishful thinking to think that some people end up actually loving their profession but there is nothing farther from the truth. Professionals should be able to take a step back and honestly ask them if there is any other career out there that they could enter in. The age of exploration has sadly never come for the conventional professional. Most people act on impulse thinking that because it is the first career that ever made sense to them, it is what they would like to take along for the rest of their lives. If only we had gone to another aisle.

For the person who’s playing it safe, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to those careers and majors around which you already know about. If you are a computer graduate, why actually veer away from the jobs that actually make use of your course? The answer is simple: exploration. If one merely stuck with their college career choices, the world would be devoid of any innovators and passionate professionals. There are a lot of examples in history that gives us people who ended up doing something that they never really studied for.

A famous comic book artist by the name of Jim Lee was actually studying to become a medical doctor when a fine arts class kindled the flame of his passion for drawing and perfecting the portrayal of the human anatomy. He is now an acclaimed penciller and has so many other famous projects under his belt now that he has become a household name in the comic book industry. This is one of the examples that in order to find a fulfilling career, you might want to consider exploring your other options.

If you are currently studying and there is a career day in your university which is designed to orient you with the pros and cons of being in that specific career, by all means go and learn what you can on the other things you might be able to pursue. Give yourself ample chances to stumble upon your calling.

Another thing to remember is to actually pick up those careers and give them a go. You can try a part-time job or maybe volunteer for an occasional pro bono work. Eventually, you’ll learn what it is you need and want in this life—thus giving you a peace and contentment that other people will die for.


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