Working With a Career Counselor

We’ve all heard about them but we haven’t really considered paying attention to them. After all, we’re self-made men who really don’t need any help from others. Career counselors are simply out of the question because that connotes that we can’t get a job on our own. However, the abilities of a career counselor should be clearly understood in order for us to know what they really do offer us and whether it will make a difference in our lives afterwards.

Career counselors work with individuals and groups in order to help a person make career choices and decisions, find jobs or even manage one’s career once they are on the job. Their responsibilities include helping you identify your strengths, priorities as well as interests. They also help you define your personality type and how it relates to a certain career or job choice.

Career counselor’s help you find career paths as well as work environments that are the perfect fit for you. When you work with them you will find out about writing effective resumes and cover letters, how to evaluate a job offer as well as negotiate with the company for a higher salary. They will be able to give you advice on how to build and interact with a network of contacts.

Also, career counselors will be able to guide you through the entire interview process by allowing you to practice through mock interviews. If you also have any problems about your job searching endeavors, you will be able to figure them out through the different troubleshooting methods that the career counselor will be running through with you.

If you do have any concerns about asking for raises or promotions, you should be able to discuss how to go about it during your consultation time. Virtually all aspects of your career can be discussed by your career counselor. This should be a time for you to reflect on what you want and what exactly you need because the career counselor will be of great help to you when you do finally know what it is you want to do for the rest of your life.

The important thing about selecting a career counselor is that you should be able to do a background check on their credentials and their overall education. You should also be able to get a feel for their personalities and their work style so that you will be able to have a smooth transition from one change to another.

It’s important that you realize that career counselors are not the ones responsible for placing you in a company. You don’t hand them your resume for them to edit and then after a few tweaks, they’ll give it back to you all revised and edited. They will be helping you place that application. Whatever roadblock you have in your career, the career counselors will be able to help you identify them so that you will eventually find a good jumping off point for you to start on.

Eventually, they are a guide and you are the tourist who directs where you want to go. They know what the terrain looks like on the other end of the horizon so ask away and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.


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