Ways To Enhance Your Career


The way that most people approach their careers is that as long as it puts money on the table, they are happy and they basically relegate themselves to a life full of complacency and mediocrity. However, that shouldn’t be the case. In order to get those promotions and salary raises, one needs to do a lot more than just going through the motions of work. One should eventually try to step up and look to enhance their career. So whether you are planning to live out your working life in the same company or planning to move to another in a few year’s time, it would be best that you start improving your career now. Here are some of the most effective ways to go about climbing the corporate ladder.

Have other people evaluate you

There are certain individuals within one’s network that the person looks up to. Try to create a so-called panel who will provide feedback and counsel to you regarding your career. You might look to have someone in your company who understands the company much better than you do, another person you could add to the panel is someone who is in the same industry that you are in. That person might have a bigger sense of what exactly is happening in the field that you are working in. A final person would be someone who may understand what you want from life in general. This particular group would essentially keep you focused on what your goals are and how you are supposed to achieve them. You might begin to simply take these people out to lunch a few times each year in order to update them about where you are in your career. Their counsel will eventually give you a definite grip on how to want to go about improving your career.

Acquire a new skill

Try to think about the skills that you’d want to learn and try to talk with your boss about opportunities about how you could learn them in your current position. A couple of skills per year would be a very good rate you could try out at first. One way to go about this is to simply look at your annual performance review. It would be a very good gauge on what you need to improve on and how you could improve as a professional yourself. Try to volunteer for projects that may entail having that skillset so that your boss will know that you mean business. That, in turn, will communicate to your boss that you have initiative, which in turn will make him or her receptive to any proposals for salary raises or promotions in the future.

The important thing is to let your superiors know that you have initiative to improve as a person and as an employee of their company. Try to send out the message that you want to be more productive and you also have their best interests in mind. When they see that you deserve a promotion, they will happily oblige to address your needs and wants in turn.



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