Tips to Advance Your Career

Even in times of trying economic times, planning your career should be on top of your mind if you want to keep ahead in the competitive corporate atmosphere.  Whether you are a fresh graduate, a mid-level executive, or a senior officer, these helpful planning tips will sure help you advance your career even further.

Keep on learning – Always seek for new ways of doing business, especially in this fast-changing environment.  Keep in mind that your current job skills are never good enough.  Learn new programs, update your communication skills, and broaden your knowledge.

Be a good listener – Lend your good ear to your co-workers, colleagues, your boss, and your superiors.  Learn from their experiences.  Also, ask about valuable issues and hear what they say.  Filter your brand new knowledge and keep the lessons on how things work and what you could have done better.

Be the best in your current job – What you are working right now is a great jumpstart to plan your career, however unrelated to your dream job or how lowly it can be.  Do you job well and fulfill your responsibilities.  Take initiative and ask your superiors on what you can do.  Suggest improvements and in return ask them to help you in building a better career.  Being a valued employee, your bosses will surely take notice.

Build your network – A lot of jobs are obtained not from the classified ads, but from people you know.  If you do not have many contacts, you have to start meeting new people especially those who work within the industry (or in your dream industry) and keep the ones you already have.  Discover future careers and learn about new opportunities.

Identify your current job – Do not assume responsibilities that are not actually important to your job title.  It would be a waste of valuable time and talent.  When starting on a new job, talk to your bosses about the priorities included in your work.  More often than not, you would be surprised about the differences between what you assume and what is really important.

Identify your next job – When planning a future career, make sure you know where you want to go.  Ask yourself what you want to be five years from now.  Do like having responsibility from other employees?  Working with technology or with people?  Running your own business?  Become an artist or designer?

Prepare yourself – Always grab opportunities when they strike.  Keep your CV updated because a potential employer may call you for an interview at any time, even if you did not apply for that dream job at all.  Never use your current job as a "waiting station," as it will eventually get you more and more busy.  And before you know it, you have burned up all your energy.


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