Finding Your Dream Job

To get the career you’ve been dreaming of— know your yourself, know your options, and finally make a good decision.

The above mentioned principles are the major components in finding the right track. People with no proper guidance actually realize only years after the career they have rigorously put efforts to is not the career they always wanted. And to find out about it later in life is discouraging since one would require to put greater effort for they are starting anew.

Career maybe defined as the general progression of your working or professional life wherein you are employed in a particular occupation for which, you are trained for. Sometimes people refer to the concept generally as a calling or vocation. Whatever calling or vocation you would like to pursue, it is intelligent for an individual to learn to bullet down what truly defines you once you place your finger to it.

For some people it takes little time for them to figure out their career. Amazingly, some find it difficult, thus careful self-exploration is essential to discover the career that best suits and coincides with their temperament, long term goals, and lifestyle expectations.

Getting There

What are the necessary steps to make sure you bag the career you longed for?

Planning your career provides you the assistance in determining your interests and strengths , both short and long term goals, the education and training needed, occupations that’ll match your interests and skills, corporate culture and values that will suit you, and lastly, your future lifestyle.

Knowing yourself is the first key, otherwise not knowing will steer your boat away from the career you were meant to achieve. You will undergo searching until when the time is up, you end up disappointed and frustrated. One’s pursuit for a successful career lies on one’s knowledge of oneself.

Pastiche it may seem, but knowledge is power. Having knowledge about yourself will give you the advantage of choosing activities that would help you achieve your goals through the career path you have chosen. The power of knowing and the ability to be able to make use of this knowledge properly provides a leverage for yourself to take the significant steps to coming into peace with your career.

In establishing your goals for yourself, think of it as a three-step process. These steps should include self-reflection, self-assessment, and career orientation.

Goal Oriented

It appears trivial, but after the the gruesome work of finding about yourself, the next tread is to set those goals. Career goals help you centered on what you want to do for a living. The more specific it is, the more it will do good for you. A career goal can be as specific as a job you want to do.

Career goals serve as a guideline so as you can keep track and discover other career possibilities you would have thought impossible. More so, it becomes your own dictionary to assist you in defining what you want in life rather than drifting from one job to the other.

Once all your goals are set, you are ready for a career plan.

Opening the Doors

When you have finally assessed yourself, it is the ripe moment to choose your options. Sometimes, we become overwhelmed with the staggering number of options. However, you should never be blinded by these options otherwise you end up indecisive.

To get somewhere, learn to focus only on options that matter. To matter, means having the ability to distinguish which alternatives will help you in your pursuit of an established career. With the overflowing information disseminated, you can be fooled by doors that are seemingly attractive but would never encompass the goals you have set.

Be wary of deceitful options. If in case such circumstances arise, the solution is to review and evaluate what you have learned about yourself and the universe will work its magic. Narrowing your options after diligent research provides you a sneak peek of what might lies ahead of you.

The greatest power of the an individual is knowing one’s self. It is the one thing that no one can take away from you. Only when you have reacquainted with yourself does the cycle begin in your journey to a great career.


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