Creating Your Professional Image

In this technologically-advanced world, our professional image does not fall down on how we present ourselves personally in front of a customer.  We also have to establish how we should present our professional image over at the Internet.  At the same time, creating a professional image is not just about engaging to people in a "professional manner," as you need a great deal of knowledge and experience in your chosen field.  Here are some ways in developing your professional image.

The right attitude

How you deal with your peers and customers and how you respond to questions, complaints, requests, and compliments would reflect on your sense of professionalism.  Your attitude could make or break you.  A little "diva" attitude may show off your success, but it would certainly affect how you interact with people.

Having the right attitude also includes being courteous and honest.  Let your customers know how much you appreciate their patronage.  Be well-mannered, warm, and respectful not only to customers but also to your employees.  Do not forget to say please, thank you, and you’re welcome.  Also, you should never lie nor mislead your customers, as it will eventually catch up with you.  Tell the facts like it is.  You need to earn your customer’s trust and create a long-term relationship.

Over-deliver your product

Develop products that can go beyond what it can provide.  Avoid over-inflating the product’s perceived value, as your customers would be disappointed and probably not buy from you in the future.  This practice of over-delivery should also be conducted on other aspects of your business.

Technical support

Make yourself completely available when it comes to assisting your customers.  Respond to their e-mails and return phone calls as soon as possible until you achieve a satisfactory solution.  Remember that poor technical, as well as customer, support is a common complaint among unsatisfied customers.

If refund is needed, give it

Do not argue with the customers if they are not satisfied with the product and ask for a refund.  Be courteous, apologetic, and ask them why they were not satisfied.  Remember that the customer is always right, even if you feel they are wrong.


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