Common Career Advice You Can Ignore

shutterstock_140871454Building up a career starts up with preparation and patience. Some people are successful in being able to climb up the career ladder. Some are not. Sometimes, the difference is in the career advice that you follow.

Almost everybody can give career advice based on their experiences. But that does not mean that you should try to accept them as the rule. There are some career tips that may have already become outdated or are no longer applicable in the current job market. Of course, changes are bound to happen and may affect the current job landscape. Along with the changes, there are some common career tips that you are better off ignoring. Here are some of them.

Advice No. 1: The ideal job resume should fit into a single page.

It is a common advice that many job applicants get often. You should make your job resume as brief as possible. Write everything in just a single page since hiring managers do not have the time to get over the multiple pages. But it isn’t always the case.

Your job resume should indicate your job qualifications, how you are the best person to hire for a particular job. Making your case does not always fit right into a one-page resume. Do not sacrifice toning down your extensive work-related experience on your resume just because you need to fit it all in a single page. Instead, you should tailor your resume to the specific job that you are applying for. Emphasize your skills and talents that employers will find useful and valuable for the job. Do not limit what you list down just because they should all fit into one page.

Advice No. 2: Your resume will get you hired.

Some people say that a great resume is the reason you’ll get hired. But that is not really true. Your job resume is your key to getting that job interview. How you impress the employer or hiring manager on that job interview is what will get you hired. No matter how great your job resume may be but you fail to make an impression on that job interview, then you might not even get hired at all.

Advice No. 3: You should ask for a promotion.

Asking for a promotion may be another advice that people get often. They say that if you do not ask for one, you won’t get it. It is an advice worth ignoring. A better way would be to show your manager or employer you are up for a promotion based on your performance at work. Show your best at what you do, enough for your boss to notice. Show that you have developed into a better leader. Once they take note of your body of work and a vacancy for promotion is available, you will be asked if the employers see you as a valuable asset. If not, then it may be better to find a company that will.

Advice No. 4: Learn to follow your passion.

It seems like good advice that you need to follow your passion when you build up a career. But it is not always a good advice to follow. Many people only discover their passion after many years working on another job. If you dedicate your time to follow your passion instead of a job, then you will sometimes find yourself in a financial predicament. Some passions in life are not just that lucrative as a source of income. You end up happy, but broke. You need to find a balance between pursuing a passion and still find a job that pays the bills.



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