Caring for Aging Parents Can Challenge Your Career

Caring for your aging parents can have a big impact on the career that you try to follow. For one, personal life and career usually take a great amount of your time, sometimes not just enough to juggle both at the same time. Choosing one from the other can be one of the most difficult career decisions that one may have to go through.

The need to care for aging parents and the need to carve a career for yourself can easily put you in a crossroads in life. You might feel obligated to care for your elderly parents when there is no other option available. And yet, you may also feel that you have to try to make a name for yourself in a certain career or risk being left behind. The decision you make can usually lead you to let go of one thing and focus only on the other. But where can you strike up a balance so that you have the option of doing both?

Balancing the Two

In fact, it is not impossible for you to actually work on both caring for your parents and your career at the same time. But it can take lots of hard work. It may require a very tight schedule and may test your patience and resolve to do so. But if you are quite motivated enough to do both together, here are some tips that might be able to help you out.

Work Flexible Hours

The most convenient way for you to have the time to care for your parents and still continue your career is by working flexible hours. Spending all your day at the office would certainly not allow you to have the time to care for your parents. Working on flexible hours or telecommuting is the best option. Try to ask your boss if this would be possible or try to look for a job that would allow you to work from home or on flexi-time.

Share the Caring Load

If you have other siblings within the area, it may also be good to share the caring responsibilities for your aging parents. Sharing the load between your brothers or sisters can very well help you still have the time to spend on your work and still help you follow your career, albeit on a slower pace. But it is the next best thing than having to stop altogether.

Consider Adult Daycare Services

There are now also daycare services that allow care giving services to seniors and the elderly. You can avail of such services for your parents while you go to work during the day. This will help give your parents aided with professional caregivers during the day and cause you to worry less when you go to work.


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