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  • Overcoming Productivity Problems

    Overcoming Productivity Problems

    Employees' behavior and reputation play a huge role in how they react with coworkers and subordinates.  That being said, their attitude towards work and personal productivity should be evaluated by the employees themselves.  If you want to improve your work performance, it would help to reflect on how others see you in the workplace.  Remember that you need to be a good role model that others would choose to emulate if you desire to become an effective leader and coworker.You do not have to do e...

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  • How to Improve Work Productivity Overnight

    How to Improve Work Productivity Overnight

    You know you've always been a good employee. You come to work early, finish your job on time with very good results, and give a hand to those who need help. But you feel you've been unproductive at work lately. Your colleagues and your boss have noticed it, which is definitely not a good thing. Scroll down for some simple tips to improve your productivity at work overnight. Get more rest The workplace environment can cause stress, especially when you're working extremely hard. Stress could slow ...

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  • Assessing Jobs Skills

    Assessing Jobs Skills

    You have graduated from college and you face the task of finding your first job. You have tried submitting resume after resume to different companies that directly deals with your academic expertise, but no one bothered to call you back. Maybe, you need to broaden your perspective further. A marketing grad does not have to concentrate on marketing-related jobs alone, for instance. In fact, a lot of successful employees graduated from a major that was different from what they are excelling.But re...

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  • Developing Good Work Habits

    Developing Good Work Habits

    Stretch Your RoleOccasionally think how you can go above and beyond. Are there projects outside your defined role you could help with? Be proactive; ask to join. Come up with your own ideas, and work with your manager to implement them. If you're a hamster, step off the wheel and poke your head out of the cage. Stretch a little. This won't go unnoticed.Manage UpMake sure you and your manager are in firm agreement on what you're doing. Be proactive and get on his calendar to ensure you're meeting...

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  • Achieving Career Resolutions

    Achieving Career Resolutions

    Have you ever wanted to start fresh in your career? Maybe you've decided that enough is enough and today will be the start of the rest of your life? You should never lose hope whenever you're looking for the best option in your career. Be sure that you're always in tune with these career resolutions to get you started.Learn what you can when you canYou should be able to say at the end of every day, "Today was a productive day." Try to look at your workplace as a classroom each day. Get as much i...

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  • Overcoming Boredom

    Overcoming Boredom

    Don't we just enjoy ourselves whenever we have downtime at work? Most of us only dream about having such a time but when we actually do have a little free time at work, we're only stumped as to what we can do when we're not rushing to meet deadlines or coercing clients. There are, however, some things that you can do to be productive whenever there is a downtime at work. You can always make use of it to further your skill set or maybe catch up with some relaxation that you've been putting off fo...

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  • Overcoming Guilt In Work

    Overcoming Guilt In Work

    For those people who have jobs which pay well but do nothing to feed their spirit, how do you go about counseling them? It is indeed a difficult task for a person to maintain a means of living just for the purposes of sustaining a family. Some people might have a high-paying sales job and yet hate the job with all of her might. This particular situation happens because they simply do not like what they are doing. It is possible that some people might hesitate or pass up an opportunity just becau...

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  • Stop Undermining Yourself at Work

    Stop Undermining Yourself at Work

    There comes a time when during an employee's career, he or she will soon experience failure. And when that time comes, almost always, the person comes out of the experience traumatized. Some of those failures keep on compounding and eventually follow oneself to the workplace. So there are some people eventually work with a low self-esteem or a low regard for oneself. This causes the person to essentially undermine themselves and their capabilities. This eventually produces a low self-image regar...

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  • How To Sell Yourself

    How To Sell Yourself

    In a crowded world, it is quite difficult to sell oneself. It is much of an art as it is an exact science. For the potential group of clients in your network, your task is to be able to market yourself to them while making them ignore the competition. So, it is understood that you should be able to make yourself known first. Visibility is the key to successful marketing. And when it comes to selling yourself, nothing could be farther from the truth. You need to get people to notice you but you d...

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  • Effective Work Habits

    Effective Work Habits

    How does one get more out of his or her day in the workplace? Does it mean you have to work longer hours and simply neglect your friends and family? The key to being more productive in any job is to be able to work smarter and to incorporate effective workplace habits everyday. One should not subscribe to the idea that longer days will mean much more productive ones. Becoming productive at work entails so much more than leaving the office late and coming to work early. Read on to find out what w...

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