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  • The Good Stuff of Being a Manager

    The Good Stuff of Being a Manager

    You have worked hard for your company for so long and one day your employer told you that you deserve a promotion. You were suggested to become a supervisor or manager and you wonder whether a high position is for you. Here are some encouraging upsides of being a manager. The money – Obviously, managers […]

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  • Building a Winning Team

    Building a Winning Team

    Building a winning team requires more than assembling a group of smart or talented people. According to  It means hiring people who will work well together. It means fostering a shared vision and commitment. It means physically bringing people together in formal group meetings for open discussion of broad-based issues. It means encouraging positive, informal interactions between group members. It means instilling a "winning" attitude throughout the organization.It means watchin...

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  • Problem Employees Tardiness

    Problem Employees Tardiness

    Many hardworking employees have a tendency to be habitually late. When dealing with employees who come in late routinely late, says use your judgment:Unless being on time is crucial to your business, you need not bring up the tardiness issue with your employee. "Your employee will appreciate your tacit understanding and take it as a sign of your trust in them."However, if you're one those businesses that operate like clockwork or if coming in early is a matter of security, then ...

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  • Getting The Best Employee Ideas

    Getting The Best Employee Ideas

    For employees to become more involved and for them to generate smarter and more creative ideas, they should see their ideas being used. Managers, on the other hand need to give their employees more authority - which leads to more and better ideas, completing what the Harvard Management Updates calls a virtuous cycle. Below are their suggestions to generate the best employee ideas. What is wrong with the typical approach to idea generation?According to the Harvard Management Update, companies fol...

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  • 10 Tips for Hiring Employees for Your Home-Based Business

    10 Tips for Hiring Employees for Your Home-Based Business

    Some home-based employers may have problems with hiring an employee for their business. After all you'll be making that person a part of your team and letting him into your home. That said, offers a few recommendations for hiring employees for your home-based business.Know what you're getting yourself intoFirst and foremost, you have to know what you're looking for. Will you be hiring part-time or full time employees or independent contractors? Of course, having employees entails...

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  • Starting The Year Right at Work

    Starting The Year Right at Work

    The holidays are over and the festive season has come to an end. You seem to still have that holiday hangover that started in mid-December last year. Some people may find it anticlimactic to be celebrating the week before and then simply go about doing your work the week after. Even though you still have to contend with the weather and the different things that you've put off for the start of this year, it is possible to face January in the workplace with as less stress as possible. It's all abo...

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  • Dealing with Difficult Bosses

    Dealing with Difficult Bosses

    The definition of a boss is a person who exercises control over workers. Sadly, this isn't far from the truth. Most of the bosses that employees have nowadays do exercise control over them. But this is the negative type of control as it has a way of intimidating and making them submit to authority out of fear instead of respect. For some people, dealing with difficult bosses is just a way of life. There have been people who have been able to record conversations which border on insults and other...

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  • Strategies For Maximizing Your Productivity

    Strategies For Maximizing Your Productivity

    The average American's way of getting ahead is by means of simply working harder, faster and longer. Sadly, this type of strategy is hardly attractive for one's personal life. It is understood that you would naturally have to sacrifice a lot of things in order to get ahead in one's profession. The tragedy to that strategy is that one's social and personal life suffers. Surveys have shown that the average full-time employee in the United States has encountered an increase in their workload within...

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