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  • Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Promoted

    Reasons Why You Are Not Yet Promoted

    Career professionals experience many situations at work. One of the more unnerving ones will probably be news from the boss that you did not get that promotion. There will be a period of shock and surprise after expectations are dashed by the news. Some take it well while some have questions about their ability. There […]

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  • On the Road to Job Promotion

    On the Road to Job Promotion

    If you really want that higher position you've been eyeing since you joined the organization, you have to rise above the cut-throat competition. Step up in this dog-eat-dog world to get the promotion you deserve. By stepping up we mean exerting extra efforts to get positive attention. Here are 5 tips that will help you climb the corporate ladder.Be enthusiasticShow your enthusiasm. Tell your boss and your colleagues what you enjoy most about your job. Highlight the parts of your work you really...

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  • Job Tips On Getting a Promotion

    Job Tips On Getting a Promotion

    One of the things that you will probably learn when you start working is that you'll always want to be promoted. Regardless of the task that you are assigned to as of the moment or what you're experiencing, you need to understand that getting a promotion isn't all as glamorous as it is. You need to work hard because you'll be dealing with so many new and different issues such as people and management issues. In a statistical survey of employees who were promoted, 20% of those who responded said ...

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  • Are You Ready For That Promotion?

    Are You Ready For That Promotion?

    Getting a promotion or asking for a promotion has its own edge and pit falls. As how everything else is, it has advantage and disadvantages. If you manage your way up to go to higher position, this would entail more responsible but would not mean an automatic higher compensation for being able to climb the ladder. To advance in position would entail more of your hours and effort. If you want a promotion, you must know exactly know what you want. Mind you, it must not that you know of only, but y...

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  • Strategies For Getting Promoted

    Strategies For Getting Promoted

    You've been faithfully toiling at your job for the past number of years and you are actually good at it. The pay isn't that bad but you feel that it's high time to move up that corporate ladder. Getting promoted isn't as simple as sitting back and letting your achievements speak for you. The corporate world unfortunately doesn't work that way. If you have been passed over countless times here are some tips to finally get your well-deserved promotion.From the fat into the fireDo you even know wha...

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