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  • Recovering From Losing Your Job

    Recovering From Losing Your Job

    Losing a job can be a very traumatic experience for many people. Many people may come unprepared for this situation, further complicating their problem. Finding oneself not having a source of income can be quite a serious concern. Here are some tips to help you recover from job loss. Take some time to process everything […]

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  • 15 Worst States to Find Work

    15 Worst States to Find Work

    There are several reasons why an applicant can't land a job. Currently, the number one reason why you couldn't is the recession. But the one thing applicants do not consider as a reason for their unemployment is the state they live in. The rate of unemployment in your state is a huge factor in your chances of finding work. Naturally, the higher the state unemployment rate, the lower your chances are of landing a job. The US' current unemployment rate is at 7.2 percent, which means, most states h...

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  • Options to Consider After Being Laid Off

    Options to Consider After Being Laid Off

    The country is facing a serious economic downturn and job cuts. The risk of being laid off is increasing for more and more people. Surviving through such ordeals would require being able to consider what options are available for people on the verge of being laid off. Here are some of them: Government JobsWith the economy suffering, the government does its part to relieve some of the stress among those were laid off by offering job vacancies. Work may be available for various areas of the govern...

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  • Tips for Healthcare Workers: Preparing for a Layoff

    Tips for Healthcare Workers: Preparing for a Layoff

    Layoffs are a major concern for health care workers. Though the job market itself is as healthy as it is, layoffs remain a threat. That is why it is best that health care workers be prepared for such an event. Their issue may be similar with other jobs out there, but they still have to come prepared. This can set off any problem that may arise concerning such matter. This article gives different tips for those who are part of the said workforce.Be wary of the signs Many hospitals that suffer fin...

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  • Surviving a Layoff

    Surviving a Layoff

    Companies expand and decline all the time. Expansion and cost-cutting has a direct effect on employment. Companies on expansion hire aggressively. Declining companies layoff employees just as aggressively, if not more so. Financial Services IndustryWhen the prices of financial assets rise (bull markets), firms expand and the rate of employment increases. On the other hand, when the prices of financial assets decline (bear markets), financial services firms layoff people and slash payrolls. Finan...

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  • Quitting Without Notice

    Quitting Without Notice

    When an employee quits his/her job, the standard practice is to give two weeks' notice. Or if you have a contract that states how much notice you have to give, you must follow it. Why is it necessary to give two weeks notice?Giving two weeks' notice is simply common courtesy to let your employer know that you are quitting your post. Two weeks notice is also important for business continuity. It gives your current employer the time needed to find a replacement. Giving two weeks' notice also sends...

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  • Faced Unemployment

    Faced Unemployment

    Even thought the economy of the country continues to improve, you might still see a jobless person facing up to a year or more of unemployment. This is pretty much a lot of time especially if you take into consideration the different needs that a person has to fill during that free time. The transition from being employed 24/7 to being more than available is quite difficult especially for those people who are hard-charged, high-performers who are simply not used to having any free time. There wi...

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  • Things To Consider When Shifting Job

    Things To Consider When Shifting Job

    There is a point that our jobs gnaw on us driving us to boredom, anxiety, and even discontentment. Changing jobs is never easy but if there is a need, perhaps it is time to move on. But what could be the main reason why people change jobs? What drives us to leave our current employer and seek for another one? How wise is it to change jobs? What should you consider if you really want that shift to happen? Finding a new job is not as easy at it may seems. Sure, plenty of jobs crowd the classifieds...

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