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  • How Advertising Agencies Work?

    How Advertising Agencies Work?

    People working in the advertising would say that their industry is “where the money is,” since many companies invest a lot on promoting their products and services. Advertising agencies vary from global powerhouses to local-oriented offices. Either way, all agencies have the same basic structure. There are six major departments in any advertising agency. These […]

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  • Making Money on the Internet During Financial Fallout

    Making Money on the Internet During Financial Fallout

    The crisis that has besieged the financial institutions has left a lot of people with lost hopes, and we advise you not to be one of them.  There are many money-making opportunities that you can find despite the troublesome times, one of which is to invest your time and effort earning extra income through the power of the Internet. Before you exclaim and say, "Oh, but the dot-com boom has been long ago," the Internet is still very much around and there are legitimate businesses that use the Inte...

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  • Tips for New Entrepreneurs

    Tips for New Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurship can provide you with a sense of independence and responsibilities that you might not enjoy by being a career employee. But for new entrepreneurs, there might be a big challenge to face ahead. Here are tips that would help you on your venture of striking it out on your own by getting your own business going and be successful at it. Be Passionate One of the important things that a new entrepreneur should bear in mind is that he should be doing what he loves. One of the essential i...

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  • Essential Qualities of an Entrepreneur

    Essential Qualities of an Entrepreneur

    Not everyone can succeed in business. Entrepreneurs are a unique lot of people who share certain characteristics that may differentiate them from everyone else. These characteristics help them become more able to do business and have the right traits that is required to make their business grow and flourish. Going into business is not usually an easy task. You should have the following entrepreneur characteristics in order to know if you will succeed someday in going into business for yourself. ...

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