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  • Considering a Career Change

    Considering a Career Change

    Moving for a new job, especially when you are just starting out, can be your springboard towards a rapid career launch. However, you need to weigh your options carefully. Where you move is just as important for your personal happiness as the job you move for.If you are planning to move towards a new job that would require you to live in another place, you may need to consider the following.Occupational horizons - Moving to a new location can be risky because there are so many unknowns, while a n...

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  • Career Change for Midlife Women

    Career Change for Midlife Women

    Changing careers during a woman's midlife years are very different from those we make in our twenties and thirties. The importance of status, success, money and meeting the expectation of others diminishes with the recognition of your mortality. You tend to reflect on the gap between the reality of your life and the dreams you once had, and you decide to make the second half of your life meaningful because you won't get another chance.Written below are tips to make your career transition managea...

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  • Making a Successful Career Change

    Making a Successful Career Change

    When you consider a career change as one of the more viable options in your professional career, you should be able to think long and hard about why you need to do it. It's ultimately breaking down your motives and asking yourself if you will be happier or maybe even much more fulfilled if you engage yourself in such a career. You need to first weight the costs as well as the benefits of changing careers. One actually quips that you need to think like a statistician does. There are a lot of thin...

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  • Applying For an Encore Job

    Applying For an Encore Job

    There comes a time in a person's life when he is finished with the primary career that he has already decided on. He or she moves on to the next phase of his or her career and that is called the "encore job". When people retire from their first job, they would normally look for another job but most of the people are quite unsure and afraid about this particular phase in their lives. There are millions upon millions of pre-retirees who need to answer the question "Is there hope for me to find a j...

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  • Identify Your Career Options

    Identify Your Career Options

    Most people remember entering and frolicking inside a toy store as a kid. You remember passing by aisles of toys you’ve never seen before and you’ve probably seen some of them only on television. But when you were there inside that store, you were face to face with them for the first time. You probably whizzed by aisle after aisle trying to just fill yourself up with the joy that comes with looking at so many options. If you had any option you could probably just stay in the store an...

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  • Steps Towards Achieving Your Goals

    Steps Towards Achieving Your Goals

    There comes a point in time when you will be eventually looking at the prospect of finding a new job. It's very important that you do not get overwhelmed by the fact that you need to be doing something very new. Some people look at this opportunity as a chance to grow while others are simply terrified of leaving their comfort zone. One of the strongest tools that you will be able to use to achieve your goal is to go through the process slowly but surely. It's called baby steps. The baby step is ...

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  • Planning Your Career Shift

    Planning Your Career Shift

    For some people it happens because they simply lose the fire in them. They most likely lose interest and they never recover from it. You might even find something else to be more interesting than what you are currently doing. For others, it may simply because the company is downsizing and has decided to lay you off. Whatever reason you are faced with, the bottom line is: career changes happens. Whether it's because of good reasons or otherwise, people go through this difficult and challenging ti...

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  • Handling Stress at Work

    Handling Stress at Work

    Most people, when asked, have current problems. But for the most part, when you ask an employee the same question, most of them might answer in the positive. The truth is, work-related stress is a phenomenon that will always be there. One of the most effective ways to beat it is to figure out your priorities for the day. One of the most common myths that one will come across with is that you can do everything. The sad truth is you can't. There simply isn't too much time for people to attend to a...

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  • Signs That You Should Change Job

    Signs That You Should Change Job

    Finding the perfect job is as rare as finding a lost wallet in New York City. Most of us are stuck in jobs that we hate but are too scared of the changing economy to risk financial autonomy. However much you loathe the job you currently have it's still hard to fling yourself at the mercy of fate and hope you can find a better job. To help you make that momentous decision here are the top ten signs that you absolutely have to change your job.In ten years you picture yourself lounging in a beach s...

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