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  • Developing A Successful Career Plan

    Developing A Successful Career Plan

    Every successful professional follows a career plan. The career plan provides the map that a professional follows that will eventually help him or her accomplish some established goals at certain periods of one’s career. Developing a career plan may take some time and preparation. Here are also some things that many people seem to overlook […]

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  • Why Should You Consider a Career in Finance?

    Why Should You Consider a Career in Finance?

    Many industries have attracted energetic and ambitious people looking for a better and long-lasting career. This includes the financial services industry such as stock brokerages, banks, credit card companies, investment funds, and other similar ventures. But why should you take a look at job opportunities at the financial sector? Here are some of the reasons […]

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  • Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Make Job Hunting Less Frightening

    Even after Halloween, job hunting can be scary because you do not know how it will turn out, whether you will be given a job offer or be rejected. If you would like to increase your chances of bagging the job that you want, here are some helpful tips: Use relevant social networking – LinkedIn […]

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  • Industries You May Want to Consider

    Industries You May Want to Consider

    Everybody has a dream job, but more often than not that is also the dream of thousands more who scramble for limited job slots. On the other hand, there are industries that provide competitive pay to its employees yet overlooked by the general job seeking population, mainly because they are not aware about it. Here […]

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  • Evaluating a Job Offer

    Evaluating a Job Offer

    Whether you are offered a new job or a proposal from another company, there are certain things to consider when accepting or rejecting a job offer. It is best to weigh down your options and have a complete idea on what you will get into rather then regret them later on. Salary – It may […]

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  • Choosing a Career for the Undecided

    Choosing a Career for the Undecided

    Many young people have no idea what career path to take after graduating from college or even coming out of high school. One wrong decision could end up in a career that is unfulfilled and may not lead you back to a career you may want all along. Here are some ideas to choose which […]

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  • Tips to Advance Your Career

    Tips to Advance Your Career

    Even in times of trying economic times, planning your career should be on top of your mind if you want to keep ahead in the competitive corporate atmosphere.  Whether you are a fresh graduate, a mid-level executive, or a senior officer, these helpful planning tips will sure help you advance your career even further.Keep on learning - Always seek for new ways of doing business, especially in this fast-changing environment.  Keep in mind that your current job skills are never good enough.  Learn n...

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  • Creating Your Professional Image

    Creating Your Professional Image

    In this technologically-advanced world, our professional image does not fall down on how we present ourselves personally in front of a customer.  We also have to establish how we should present our professional image over at the Internet.  At the same time, creating a professional image is not just about engaging to people in a "professional manner," as you need a great deal of knowledge and experience in your chosen field.  Here are some ways in developing your professional image. The rig...

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  • Caring for Aging Parents Can Challenge Your Career

    Caring for Aging Parents Can Challenge Your Career

    Caring for your aging parents can have a big impact on the career that you try to follow. For one, personal life and career usually take a great amount of your time, sometimes not just enough to juggle both at the same time. Choosing one from the other can be one of the most difficult career decisions that one may have to go through. The need to care for aging parents and the need to carve a career for yourself can easily put you in a crossroads in life. You might feel obligated to care for your...

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  • Building a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

    Building a Successful Virtual Assistant Business

    A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative, technical, and or creative assistance to clients. They usually serve to other independent entrepreneurs as well as solo and small business practices such as lawyers and realtors.Virtual assistants work from their own office, thus making it a fairly popular and growing profession. Common modes of communication and data delivery include the Internet, file transfer protocol, and fax machine. Although the occupation gives ...

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